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Battle Royale V is a LAN party involving various computer games and gaming console tournaments. The competition last for a full 25-hours. The goal of Battle Royale is to bring together future engineers and computer scientists across the Ottawa Region to share their gaming passion in a relaxed environment. Hosted on the lovely campus of Carleton University, this event has become an annual tradition for the university students in Ottawa studying not just Engineering and Computer Science, but other disciplines as well. Battle Royale offers a unique opportunity to companies to expose themselves to over a hundred engineering and computer science students from both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. It had been a huge success over the past years. Battle Royale V is going to be the best yet with an increased capacity and tournament quantity! We are also donating all profit made to the charity Child's Play.

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Battle Royale V. Thank you to the attendees, you make it happen! Thank you to the volunteers, it would not be possible without you! Thank you sponsors, your support has been a vital element in this year’s success! Last, but certainly not least, thank you to the organizing committee, you guys are amazing!

This year we tried a bunch of new things at Battle Royale V and we would love to hear your opinion on how you liked it and what you think we could improve on next. Expect a survey coming in a few days and we welcome comments in the forums!

We are currently in the process of determining the amount we’ll be donating to Child’s Play and I’ll post about it in the near future!

I had an absolute blast being involved this year and I look forward to receiving your feedback!

Thanks and see you around,


Child’s Play raffle – there will be prizes and cake!

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Stop by the admin table to buy a ticket for a fundraising raffle for Child’s Play – the bounty includes prizes from Harmonix and others, and CAKE!

Video Armageddon round 1 starting at 14:25

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Video Armageddon is a 5-round battle royale to determine which attendee is the best gamer. Participants will play 5 games spanning from retro to modern, and will not be told what they are playing ahead of time.  Keep your eyes on the main stage to see it going on!

Live Event Information section is up!

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Want to keep track of upcoming events and streams during the LAN? Check out the live info page.

Mario Marathon livestream

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Click here to check out the Mario Marathon in support of Child’s Play!
Live Broadcasting by Ustream

If you would like to sponsor the Mario Marathon or make a donation to Child’s Play, please use the button below. All donations received will be added to the profits on the event when they are donated to Child’s Play, our event’s charity.

Minecraft Server IP

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There is a Minecraft server running at

LoL Tournament Chat Room

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Join the LoL in-game chat room “battle royale” (with a space) for all League of Legends tournament information.


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Visitor parking is available in lots P11 and P3. It will cost $2 for all of Saturday, and you would need to renew for another $2 sometime before 7am on Sunday, if you’re planing on staying at the event past 7am.

PC/Console tickets sold out!

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions, so I’d like to say that, yes, we have sold out of the PC/Console type of tickets and, no, we don’t have any hidden spares. 😛

We are still selling the Console-only type of tickets, and some of those tickets will be available for purchase on Saturday at the door, depending on the quantities remaining.

SFUO supporting Battle Royale V

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We are proud to announce the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa is joining the ranks of our awesome supporters! Providing funding and prizes to ensure Battle Royale V will be the best ever!


“The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) is the student union and the instrument of political action for undergraduate students of the University of Ottawa.

Speaking with one voice we assert our legitimate needs and state our fundamental goals to regroup all undergraduate students of the University of Ottawa in a democratic and cooperative organization.

We strive to achieve a system of post-secondary education which is accessible to all, which is of high quality, which recognizes the legitimacy of student representation and validity of student rights and whose role in society is recognized and appreciated.”